Forgotten Books of The Bible: Habakkuk Part 1 Living in Crazy Times

Who was Habakkuk and what was the time setting for Habakkuk? Who are the Babylonians? What does Habakkuk teach us about God and what is a Woe? Listen as Your Church Friends dive deep into the Forgotten Book of Habakkuk and unpack all these questions.


Breakdown of the Forgotten Book of Habakkuk?

  • Habakkuk’s first complaint (Hab. 1:1-4)
  • God’s first answer (Hab. 1:5-11)
  • Habakkuk’s second complaint (Hab. 1:12-2:1)
  • God’s second answer (Hab. 2:2-20)
  • Habakkuk’s prayer (Hab. 3)


Your Church Friends On the Buddy Walk with Jesus Podcast:


David Pawson on Habakkuk:


Image of Baal-Hadad:


Image of Ziggurat of Ur:



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